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Licensed Psychologist | CA 29940

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind"

William James

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Dr. Max Farber is a licensed clinical psychologist who helps foster positive change in people’s lives. He listens and co-creates therapy goals. Dr. Farber’s work often involves helping people to identify and live by the values that give their lives meaning and vitality, become more aware and accepting of emotions, worry less, problem solve with more flexibility, be more resilient to stress, change emotion driven behaviors to behavior choices that are more in line with core values, and to make new and enhance existing relationships, be they personal or professional. He feels that it is a tremendous privilege to help people in this way. He is politically liberal and queer positive. His education, training, and experience include a doctoral degree from the APA-accredited Wright Institute, predoctoral and postdoctoral residencies at Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek, and supervising student-clinicians at the Berkeley CBT Clinic.

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I offer psychotherapy for adults, couples, and adolescents. Please call or email to schedule a free phone consultation. I'm happy to answer any questions about fees or insurance at that time. I look forward to hearing from you!

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2211 Post Street, Suite 300
San Francisco CA 94115


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